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There is always a point in our lives where we need to take time out for ourselves. It can be when you are feeling burnt out at work, or you are going through an important life or relationship transition. You start to feel the call to make a positive change in your life, to let go of old energy, our past selves and embrace the part of us that wants to evolve towards increased happiness and peace.

Yoga Goddess Retreats has been created to be that space, and have you benefit from a variety of holistic healing and transformational practices in an immersive retreat experience.

Our spiritual yoga retreats  cater to women of all ages and backgrounds by providing the flexibility to customise your retreat activities through providing a variety of choices and also maintaining that there are no ‘shoulds’ on this holiday. We invite you to participate in as much or as little as you desire.

We don’t believe yoga retreats must be serious and regimented, but rather serve as a safe place to look inwards and enjoy the process of self-development and self-love with a healthy dose of self-indulgence!

Alongside our daily yoga and meditation sessions you will be invited to explore different natural healing modalities, along with exploring Ubud’s inspiring culture. Our experienced local retreat facilitators are always on hand to guide you to enjoying the best the island has to offer whether its sacred monkey forests or traditional Balinese market shopping!


Prepare yourself for a truly transformative journey with a traditional Balinese blessing ceremony at the start of your retreat. Create a sacred space  to experience the positive power of wellbeing to be fully  expressed in your mind, body and spirit.

Sacred Healing Springs Cleansing Ceremony with Balinese Healer

This authentic Water Temple Purification Ceremony at Yoga Goddess Retreats uses holy spring water to cleanse the spirit. Accompanied by a famous Balinese Healer, guests are able to visit the renowned Tirta Empul water temple at Tampak Siring, where they will immerse themselves in its sacred waters, for centuries used in spiritual cleansing rituals. They will then complete the purification through prayer and a blessing with the high priest in the sacred inner temple.

Consultation with Ayurvedic practitioner

The ancient practice of Ayurveda emphasises balance in all areas of your life. Our Ayurvedic practitioner will provide personalised recommendations based on your dosha to  assist any needed detoxification in your body to restore internal harmony.

Healing Session

Enhance your personal healing  journey with a traditional Balinese healing session. Receive the benefits of releasing blocked energy in the mind, body and spirit from health issues and past traumas.

*Not Included in Package

Balinese Market Tour

Enjoy a guided tour  the Ubud markets where you will get to experience (and perfect!) the art of bargaining. You will also see that for the local Balinese community a market place is not just for shopping but a meeting, eating and socializing venue.

Jamu Making

Learn to make the traditional healing tonic that has inspired the latest health trends using turmeric based drinks.

Flower Offering Workshop

Learn to make beautiful flower offerings to the goddesses and learn more about the unique Balinese spirituality in this workshop.

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